Contractor bags and trash can liners at any size and thickness.


Custom production capabilities

We have the capability to produce any size and thickness of trash can liner that you currently use.  We can provide either flat poly contractor bags or gusseted bags with or without star seals.

Meets local, state, and EPA requirements

In recent years, many local and state agencies have increase mil thickness requirements. We will work with you to assure that your remediation product meets local, state, and EPA requirements.

Typical contractor bag details

  • 38 X 60 x .003 mil flat poly trash bag (60 gal.)
  • Black opaque film
  • 50 bags /rl
  • Perfed on roll
  • Boxed
  • Various quantities available
  • Please call for prices

Pallet covers for use as trash bags

Our pallet covers are also used by many industries to create an extremely large trash bag that can help to make your operation more efficient.

If you are currently using 60 gallon trash bags, think how much more trash can be placed in a bag with a 50” X 50” square opening and is 72” to 96” deep. Using our pallet cover/trash bags can allow your workers to easily drag more material at a faster pace to the place of disposal.

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